Issue 2

June 1994

Age, Size, Growth and Survival: UK Companies in the 1980s

This paper examines growth and survival amongst quoted and unquoted UK companies in the period 1975-85 and compares the results with earlier UK and US studies.

The Post-Entry Performance of New Small Firms in German Manufacturing Industries

While recent years have witnessed a growing interest in research on market entry by new firms, evidence regarding their post-entry performance is scarce.

The Welfare Implications of Unauthorized Reproduction of Intellectual Property in the Presence of Demand Network Externalities

This paper finds that unauthorized reproduction of intellectual property in the presence of demand network externalities can not only induce greater firm profits relative to the case where there is no

Network Externality, Compatibility Choice, and Planned Obsolescence

The paper attempts to provide a formal theory of planned obsolescence based on incompatible technologies in the presence of network externalities.

Random Pricing by Monopolists

This paper considers the conditions under which a monopolist might wish to randomize its pricing.

The Effects of Market Concentration and Excess Demand on the Price of Nursing Home Care

Certificate-of-need laws and construction moratoria are policies designed to control government expenditures by limiting the number of nursing home beds in an area.

The Effects of Resale Price Maintenance on Shareholder Wealth: The Consequences of Schwegmann

Event study methodology is used to assess the effects of the 1951 US Supreme Court Schwegmann decision, which severely weakened the enforcement of resale price maintenance contracts in the United Stat

Beta, Market Power and Wage Rate Uncertainty

This paper derives the formal relationship between a firm's beta and Tobin's $q$ ratio with both price and wage uncertainty present.