Checklist for accepted manuscripts

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Checklist for Authors of Accepted JIE Typescripts

Please complete, print out, and return with the final accepted and formatted typescript.

Please check your spelling and grammar before sending the final version.
Unless otherwise directed by the Editor handling your submission, please send to the appropriate editorial office, as e-mail attachments, a pdf of the final accepted version, carefully checked for errors and formatted to Journal style, along with the original composition file from which the pdf was made as well as other relevant electronic files..
Pages should be one-sided, double spaced with wide (1 1/4 inch, or 3 cm minimum) margins all around.
Each page of text should be numbered at the bottom center or bottom right of the page. Figures should be on separate unnumbered pages at the end of the document.

 The title page should have the title of the article at the top, followed by an asterix and then the names of each of the authors (followed by superscripted dagger, double dagger, etc., to identify Authors’ affiliations at the bottom of the page). Next should be the abstract and then acknowledgements and the affiliations and addresses (including e-mail) of each author, per title page style.

The abstract must be 100 words or fewer.
Section headings should use Roman numerals for main sections and romanettes for subsections (e.g., I(i), I(ii), ...).
Illustrations (‘Figures’) should be identified with Arabic numerals; e.g., Figure 1, Figure 2, ...
Each Figure should appear on a separate sheet of paper, sized as large as the sheet will allow, titled and annotated as necessary, with its location indicated in the main text with a direction such as ‘Place Figure ___ about here.’
Tables should be identified with Roman numerals and titled in small caps, e.g., Table I, Table II, ...
Each table should appear on a separate sheet of paper, titled and annotated as necessary, with its location indicated in the main text with a direction such as ‘Place Table ___ about here.’
Footnotes should be identified with superscripted Arabic numerals in the main text and gathered into double-spaced endnotes (which the printer will float into the appropriate location as footnotes).
Web-published appendices should be identified in the main text or footnotes with a message such as ‘See the Journal’s editorial web site for further details about ___.’
References should be identified in the main text or notes using the convention: author last name(s) [year in square brackets], e.g., Scherer [1970], Curry and George [1983]. If the citation is within parentheses, the year will still be within square brackets.

References should be collected at the end of the main text and follow these formats:

  • Scherer, F. M., 1970, Industrial Market Structure and Economic Performance (Rand McNally, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.)
  • McGee, J.S., 1975, ‘Efficiency and Economies of Scale,’ in Goldschmid, H.; Mann, H. M. and Weston, J. F. (eds.), Industrial Concentration: The New Learning (Little, Brown, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.)
  • Pepall, Lynne; Richards, Dan and Norman, George, 2008, Industrial Organization: Contemporary Theory and Empirical Applications, 4th edition (Blackwell Publishing, Oxford, England).
  • Curry, B. and George, K. D., 1983, ‘Industrial Concentration: A Survey,’ The Journal of Industrial Economics, 31, pp. 203-255.

Formulae should be numbered sequentially on the left hand side using Arabic numerals in parentheses, e.g.


x + y = z

Files for publication should include all relevant word-processing or composition files formatted to be as identical as possible to the printed version, along with pdf’s of those origination files.

Illustrations (figures) should be submitted in separate Tagged Image File (TIF) or Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) files.

Web appendices should be sent to the appropriate editorial office along with the accepted, formatted version of the paper to which they relate. They should consist of a pdf along with the origination file from which the pdf was made, and should be clearly flagged, ‘For Web Publication Only.’ Authors should should take extraordinary care to get these right, for they will be published as received and further corrections will not be taken in.

Web appendix documents should be formatted for U.S. letter-size or A4 paper with 1 ¼-inch  (3 cm) margins all around, 12-point Times Roman font, with a header on the first page only that reads: ‘Supplemental Materials for (AUTHOR NAMES), (TITLE), The Journal of Industrial Economics VOLUME (ISSUE), MONTH, YEAR, pp. XXX-YYY.’ The volume, issue, month, year, and page numbers will be entered by the Journal Webmaster as that information becomes known. For example,

Supplemental Materials for Ghemawat, Pankaj and Khanna, Tarun ‘The Nature of Diversified Business Groups: A Research Design and Two Case Studies,’ The Journal of Industrial Economics, 46(1), March, 1998, pp. 35-61.