Issue 4

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December 2017

Digging Deep to Compete: Vertical Integration, Product Market Competition and Prices

This article establishes a causal effect of product market competition on vertical integration. I exploit a hitherto unexplored natural experiment in the U.S.

Do Low-Price Guarantees Guarantee Low Prices? Evidence from Competition between Amazon and Big-Box Stores

It has long been understood in theory that price-match guarantees can be anticompetitive, but to date, scant empirical evidence is available outside of some narrow markets.

Sufficient Decisions in Multi-Sided and Multiproduct Markets

We show that in many models where firms make multiple decisions, analysis can be made more tractable by re-formulating the model into one in which each firm makes a single choice, which we call a suff

Asymmetric Price Effects of Competition

When price dispersion is prevalent, a relevant question is what happens to the whole distribution of equilibrium prices when the number of firms changes.

Payment Evasion

This paper shows that a firm can use the purchase price and the fine imposed on detected payment evaders to discriminate between unobservable consumer types.

A Note on Quality Disclosure and Competition

Competitive pressure is lower in markets where goods are more differentiated.

Opportunity Cost Pass-Through from Fossil Fuel Market Prices to Procurement Costs of the U.S. Power Producers

This paper investigates the transmission of fossil fuel commodity spot market price changes to procurement costs of U.S. power producers.

Tying in Two-Sided Markets with Multi-Homing: Corrigendum and Comment

We identify two issues in Choi's [2010] paper on tying in two-sided markets published in this Journal, and provide solutions to both of them.