Issue 4

December 2003

Pivotal Buyers and Bargaining Position

Securing sales to a large buyer can be pivotal to a supplier's decision to produce.

A Search Model Where Consumers Choose Quantity Based on Expected Price

I describe a price game in which consumers face search costs and base their quantity decision on the expected price.

Differentiation and Competition in HMO Markets

This paper examines how differentiation among Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) affects local market competition.

The Relative Importance of Actual and Potential Competition: Empirical Evidence From the Pharmaceuticals Market

We study actual and potential competition and other factors that determine price paths of brand-name drugs in the Swedish pharmaceuticals market.

Insurer-hospital bargaining: negotiated discounts in post-deregulation connecticut

This paper uses unique data from the state of Connecticut to examine discounting patterns in the state's hospital industry for the years following deregulation (1995-1998).

Tyre price dispersion across retail outlets in the UK

We investigate price dispersion in a retail market (car tyres) characterised by outlets each selling a range of products, some of which are manufactured by their owners.