Issue 4

June 1986

Learning to Dominate

The learning curve traces the fall in unit costs resulting from experience with a complex or novel production technology.

The Persistence of Monopoly: An Investigation of the Effectiveness of the United Kingdom Monopolies Commission

A sample of twenty-eight markets investigated by the UK Monopolies and Mergers Commission is taken and market share changes are analysed for subsequent erosion of dominance.

The Relationship Between Plant Scale and Product Diversity in Canadian Manufacturing Industries

When multiproduct plant economies exist, plant size and diversity decisions are closely linked. The disadvantage of small plant size can be offset by product-packing.

The Cyclical Behaviour of Manufacturing Prices in a Small Open Economy

This paper presents a disaggregated regression study of the cyclicality of the mark-up over costs in Belgian manufacturing industry.

Shipping Costs and the Controversy Over Open Registry

Concern with safety in particular has resulted in efforts to phase out open registry of ships.

Concentration, Profitability and Trade in a Simultaneous Equation Analysis: The Case of Taiwan

This paper is the first attempt to use a simultaneous four-equation system to study the role of foreign trade in the analysis of market structure and performance, and the determinants of trade intensi