Issue 4

June 1987

The Empirical Renaissance in Industrial Economics: An Overview

This brief essay introduces a special issue of The Journal of Industrial Economics devoted to the recent burst of empirical work in industrial organization.

Oligopoly Supergames: Some Empirical Evidence on Prices and Margins

This paper is a panel data study on the behavior of prices and margins of oligopolies involved in repeated games.

Collusion Versus Differential Efficiency: Testing Alternative Hypotheses

The predictions of collusion- and efficiency-based static equilibrium explanations of inter-industry profitability differences are formally developed and tested, using appropriate econometric techniqu

The Convergence of Profits in the Long Run: Inter-Firm and Inter-Industry Comparisons

This paper considers the extent to which the short run dynamic behaviour and long run equilibrium levels of profitability differ amongst firms within the same industry.

Testing For "Monopoly" Equilibrium

This paper develops a very general test for "monopoly".

Competition and Collusion in the American Automobile Industry: The 1955 Price War

Movements in total quantity and in quality-adjusted price suggest a supply-side shock in the American automobile market in 1955.

Nonparametric Tests of Market Structure: An Application to the Cigarette Industry

In this paper the revealed preference approach is used to construct a nonparametric test of the monopoly model and some simple generalizations of it, and the test is applied to data for the cigarette

Interfirm Rivalry in a Repeated Game: An Empirical Test of Tacit Collusion

Rivalry in the Vancouver retail gasoline market is modeled as a repeated game.

Information, Returns, and Bidding Behavior in Ocs Auctions: 1954-1969

This paper examines federal auctions for leases on the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) in the light of the predictions of the first-price, sealed bid, common values model of auctions.

Firm Size and R & D Intensity: A Re-Examination

Using data from the Federal Trade Commission's Line of Business Program and survey measures of technological opportunity and appropriability conditions, this paper finds that overall firm size has a v

The Relationship Between Firm Growth, Size, and Age: Estimates for 100 Manufacturing Industries

The study uses a sample of all firms operating in 100 manufacturing industries to examine some aspects of firm dynamics.

The Relationship Between Firm Size and Firm Growth in the US Manufacturing Sector

Using panel data on the publicly traded firms in the US manufacturing sector in the recent past, I find that most of the change in employment at the firm level in any given year is permanent, that yea

Excess Capacity as a Barrier to Entry: An Empirical Appraisal

This paper examines excess capacity barriers to entry and investment dynamics in a sample of thirty-eight chemical product industries.