Issue 4

June 1988

A Theory of Retail Pricing

Until recently the retail enterprise (the shop) has been comparatively neglected by economic theorists, partly because they assigned little role to retailing.

Estimation of Price Elasticities for an International Telephone Demand Model

The demand for international telephone calls in Australia is comprised of three components: the operator-connected services; station-to-station and person-to-person and the direct dialling service; IS

The Multiproduct Firm, Quality Choice, and Regulation

A monopolist facing a market of heterogeneous consumers will distort the quality array.

Can Price Competition Dominate Market Segmentation?

This note analyses duopoly competition in a two stage (location-price) game, while allowing each firm to establish a couple of outlets.

Location and Survival in the National Hockey League

A model of professional sport franchises is introduced and used to explore the locational and other determinants of profitability.

Industrial Structure, Concentration and the Speed of Price Adjustment

It is argued that the relationship between market structure and the speed of price adjustment involves two distinct forces with opposing directions; "the leadership effect" and the "industry profitabi

Adjustment Costs, Concentration and Price Behaviour

The effect of concentration on price stickiness is studied, by assuming quadratic and more general forms of adjustment costs.