Issue 4

December 2013

Too Much Information Sharing? Welfare Effects of Sharing Acquired Cost Information in Oligopoly

By using general information structures and precision criteria based on the dispersion of conditional expectations, we study how oligopolists’ information acquisition decisions may change the effects

A Model of Technological Progress in the Microprocessor Industry

This paper develops a model of technological progress in the microprocessor industry that connects the seemingly disparate engineering and economic measures of technological progress.

‘Essential’ Patents, FRAND Royalties and Technological Standards

Standard Setting Organizations have developed FRAND agreements in order to prevent firms from holding up other participants once a standard is created.

A Model of Market Power in Customer Markets

We develop a model for studying dynamic competition in environments with frictions that lead to partial lock-in of customers to products.

Multi-Market Collusion with Demand Linkages and Antitrust Enforcement

This paper analyzes dynamic cartel formation and antitrust enforcement when firms operate in demand-related markets.