Issue 4

June 1989

Intra-Industry Profitability Differences in US Manufacturing 1953-1983

Over the period 1953-83, twelve accounting measures of profitability, which are not on average highly correlated, imply measures of the profitability advantage of large firms that move closely togethe

Standardization Across Markets and Entry

In many industries, consumers combine several components to build their own "system".

The Meaning of "Upstream" and "Downstream" and the Implications for Modeling Vertical Mergers

This paper discusses alternative definitions of the terms "upstream" and "downstream," and shows how each can be represented within a single model of complementary oligopoly.

A Comparative Analysis of Intertemporal Behavior of Profits: Japan and the United States

This paper first asks whether the working of market forces in Japanese manufacturing industries is unique to them or similar to US counterparts.

The Impact of Antitrust Litigation on Shareholder Return

The hypothesis that antitrust litigation will redistribute economic power is examined using an event study framework.

Restrictive Trade Practices Policy in India

The Paper describes the restrictive trade practices policy in India. This is of recent origin, and is broadly similar to that of the UK.

A Note on Switching Costs and Technology Choice

This note shows that the joint presence of switching costs and increasing returns generates a network externality which may lead to inferior technologies being adopted.