Issue 4

December 2011

Endogenous Network Formation in Patent Contests And Its Role as A Barrier to Entry

In a setting of R&D competition, we study how collaboration affects strategic decisions during a patent contest, and how the latter influences the collaboration network structures the firms can fo

Airline Market Power and Intertemporal Price Dispersion

This paper analyzes the empirical relationship between market structure and price dispersion in the airline markets connecting the U.K. and the Republic of Ireland.

How Costly is Hospital Quality? A Revealed-Preference Approach

We analyze the cost of quality improvement in hospitals, dealing with two challenges.

Long-Lived Consumers, Intertemporal Bundling and Collusion

In a repeated price game with long but finitely-lived consumers, long-term contracts facilitate collusion.

Music for a Song: An Empirical Look at Uniform Pricing and Its Alternatives

With digital music as its context, this paper quantifies how much money would be made using alternatives to uniform pricing.

Spatial Price Discrimination with Heterogeneous Firms

In this paper we aim to explain intuitively heterogeneous firms’ optimal location decisions in a simple spatial market.

Upstream Competition between Vertically Integrated Firms

We propose a model of two-tier competition between vertically integrated firms and unintegrated downstream firms.

The Economic Impact of Wireless Number Portability

This paper examines the price response of wireless carriers to the introduction of number portability in the U.S.