Issue 3

September 2003

Tacit Collusion in Repeated Auctions: Uniform Versus Discriminatory

Within an infinitely repeated game, I compare the level and conduct of collusion under uniform and discriminatory auctions.

An Empirical Analysis of Entrant and Incumbent Bidding in Road Construction Auctions

This paper explores differences in the bidding patterns of entrants and incumbents in road construction auctions.

Policy-Induced Technology Adoption: Evidence from the U.S. Lead Phasedown

Theory suggests that economic instruments, such as pollution taxes or tradable permits, can provide more efficient technology adoption incentives than conventional regulatory standards.

Vaporware as a Means of Entry Deterrence

Firms in the computer industry are often accused of vaporware, the untruthful pre-announcement of a new version of their product.

Debt, Operating Margin, and Investment In Workplace Safety

We investigate how a firm's financial performance affects workplace safety.

Bundling and Menus of Two-Part Tariffs

Inducing self-selection among different segments of consumers is an important issue in pricing.