Issue 3

September 2015

Commercial and Industrial Demand Response under Mandatory Time-of-Use Electricity Pricing

This paper is the first to evaluate the impact of a large-scale field deployment of mandatory time-of-use (TOU) pricing on the energy use of commercial and industrial firms.

Competitive Pressure and Innovation at the Firm Level

This paper provides empirical evidence on the relationship between market competitive pressure and firms’ innovation using panel data of Spanish manufacturing firms for the period 1990-2006.

Sunk Costs, Extensive R&D Subsidies and Permanent Inducement Effects

Using firm-level data on Spanish manufacturing firms we estimate a model of the firm’s optimal R&D decisions (whether to perform R&D and how much to invest).

Strategic Investments under Open Access: Theory and Evidence

We examine the incentives of access-regulated firms to invest in infrastructure facilities they must share with competitors.

Competition and Price Discrimination: Evidence from the Parking Garage Industry

We study the relationship between competition and price discrimination through an empirical examination of hourly price schedules in the parking garage industry.