Issue 3

September 2013


Strategic Patenting and Software Innovation

Strategic patenting is widely believed to raise the costs of innovating, especially in industries characterised by cumulative innovation.

Incidence and Growth of Patent Thickets: The Impact of Technological Opportunities and Complexity

We analyze incidence and evolution of patent thickets.

Control Rights Over Intellectual Property

We consider an incomplete contracting model of bilateral trade in intellectual property (IP) with sequential investments in its quality and with financial constraints.

Patents as Signals for Startup Financing

We examine the role of patents as signals used to reduce information asymmetries in entrepreneurial finance.

Venture Capitalists and the Patenting of Innovations

We model patent-signaling by informed venture capitalists to incumbent acquirers of developed innovations.

Inventors and Impostors: An Analysis of Patent Examination with Self-Selection of Firms into R&D

I present a model in which firms differing in R&D productivity choose between ambitious research projects, which are socially desirable, and unambitious ones, which are socially undesirable.

Non-Obviousness and Screening

The paper offers a novel justification for the non-obviousness patentability requirement.

Intellectual Property Protection and the Geography of Trade

This paper investigates how the implementation of intellectual property rights in developing countries under the 1995 TRIPS agreement affected trade in knowledge-intensive goods.

Prizes, Publicity and Patents: Non-Monetary Awards as a Mechanism to Encourage Innovation

This paper exploits the selection of prize-winning technologies among exhibitors at the Crystal Palace Exhibition in 1851 to examine whether—and how—ex post prizes that are awarded to high-quality inn

Innovation Incentives under Transferable Fast-Track Regulatory Review

Under a 2007 U.S. law, the developer of a treatment for a neglected disease is rewarded with a fast-track voucher that can be sold to another developer.

Patents in the University: Priming the Pump and Crowding Out

The Bayh-Dole Act allows universities to exploit patents on their federally sponsored research.