Issue 3

March 1989

Estimating Market Structure and Tax Incidence: The Japanese Television Market

A method of estimating market structure and tax incidence when data are available for some firms and the total industry is applied to the domestic Japanese television market.

Indirect Competition with Spatial Product Differentiation

Although two markets may appear to be separate, sometimes one firm participates in both of them. That firm provides a link between the two markets.

Circulation Versus Advertiser Appeal in the Newspaper Industry: An Empirical Investigation

Advertising space is not a homogeneous commodity but something whose value depends on the characteristics of a newspaper's readership.

On the Measurement of Capacity Utilization

Capacity utilization (CU) is usually defined as the ratio of actual output to the output corresponding to (i) the minimum point on the SRATC curve, (ii) the point of tangency between the LRATC and SRA

On the Limitation of Warranty Duration

This paper analyses the frequently observed phenomenon that firms offer product warranties which are of much shorter duration than the life expectancy of these products.

Patenting by Manufacturing Firms in India: Its Production and Impact

This paper attempts to study simultaneously the production and impact of patenting in a less-developed country, using panel firm-level data for the period 1975-79 for India.

The Structure of Canadian Inter-Industry R & D Spillovers, and the Rates of Return to R & D

This paper estimates the effects of inter-industry R & D spillovers on the production cost of nine major Canadian industries.

Market Structure, Firm Characteristics and Innovative Activity

In this study the determinants of product innovation by West German firms operating in the metal industry are investigated.