Issue 3

March 1990

Wage Pressure, Bargaining and Price-Cost Margins in UK Manufacturing

To the extent that union-employer bargaining is efficient, price-cost margins in oligopolistic industries are predicted to depend on wage rents and on the elasticity of substitution between wages and

Wage Inflation, Unionization, and Monopoly Power

This paper uses panel data from 301 four-digit manufacturing industries over the years, 1959-80, to examine how market structure affects the wage response to aggregate demand disturbances.

A Strategic Motivation for Commodity Bundling

The analytical literature on commodity bundling explains the practice of selling two or more differentiated products in a single package as a surrogate for direct price discrimination.

Innovation and the Evolution of Market Structure

This paper examines the association between innovation and the evolution of market structure.

A Dynamic Duopoly Model with Asymmetric Information

This paper investigates the impact of asymmetric information on the set of equilibria of a two-period duopoly game with price competition.

Stackelberg Leadership as a Natural Solution Under Cost Uncertainty

This paper analyses a differentiated duopoly model with cost uncertainty in an environment where information sharing is prohibited.

New Ventures or Acquisitions. The Choice of Swedish Multinational Enterprises

This study examines the factors influencing the multinational enterprises' choice between the takeover of already existing firms and investments in new ventures as a means of entering a foreign market