Issue 3

September 1994

Life Duration of New Firms

We follow firms created in Portuguese manufacturing in 1983 and study the determinants of their lifetime.

Preemptive Adoptions of an Emerging Technology

Many oligopolies exhibit continuing technological change and lumpy costs of adopting new technologies.

The Durability of Advertising Revisited

Recent cross-section studies find that advertising is relatively long-lived, providing support for treating advertising as "capital." This paper models the firm's advertising decision, treating advert

The Effect of Rising Import Competition on Market Power: A Panel Data Study of US Manufacturing

The rapid rise in import competition in recent years provides an unusual test for examining the market structure-performance relationship with panel data.

A Generalized Model of Horizontal Product Differentiation

A famous result in the literature on horizontal product differentiation is due to d'Aspremont, Gabszewicz and Thisse [1979].

Antidumping Cases in the US Chemical Industry: A Panel Data Approach

Factors motivating the decision to file an antidumping petition are analyzed with data from 1976-1988 for the US chemical industry.

Partial Ownership Arrangements and the Potential for Collusion

Firms can form partial ownership arrangements by purchasing claims to competitor's profits in order to commit to less aggressive competition.

Information Sharing through Sales Report

This paper studies information sharing through sales reports in Cournot and Bertrand duopolies with common demand uncertainty.

Market Opening under Third-Degree Price Discrimination

There are frequently regulatory and antitrust pressures for firms to cease price discrimination and practice uniform pricing.