Issue 3

September 2000

Auctions on the Internet: What’s Being Auctioned, and How?

This paper is an economist’s guide to auctions on the Internet.

Discriminatory Dealing with Downstream Competitors: Evidence from the Cellular Industry (pages 253–286)

One concern about regulated monopolies entering unregulated vertically-related markets is that they will discriminate against competitors of their unregulated affiliates.

What Fraction of a Capital Investment is Sunk Costs?

To what extent are capital investments sunk costs? This question is addressed by examining the salvage values of discarded metalworking machinery.

The Market Structure of Broadband Telecommunications

The recent growth of the Internet is creating markets for broadband telecommunications networks. In the past, virtually all such ‘infrastructure’ networks have been subject to government regulation.

Quality Leadership when Regulatory Standards are Forthcoming

In many markets, governments set minimum quality standards while some sellers compete on the basis of quality by exceeding them.

The Importance of Doctors’ and Patients’ Preferences in the Prescription Decision

This paper studies the contribution of doctor and patient ‘habit’ to persistence in market shares in prescription drug markets.