Issue 3

September 2012

Price Dispersion Over the Business Cycle: Evidence from the Airline Industry

This study provides empirical evidence documenting how price dispersion moves with the business cycle in the airline industry.

First Versus Second Mover Advantage with Information Asymmetry about the Profitability of New Markets

Is it better to move first, or second—to innovate, or to imitate?

Agency Problems and Reputation in Expert Services: Evidence from Auto Repair

Using a field experiment involving undercover visits to auto repair garages with a test vehicle, I first examine how asymmetric information between mechanics and motorists over auto repair service qua

Vertical and Horizontal Scope Economies in the Regulated U.S. Electric Power Industry

This paper investigates vertical economies between generation and distribution of electric power, and horizontal economies between different types of power generation in the U.S.

Analyzing the Welfare Impacts of Full-line Forcing Contracts

Theoretical investigations have examined both anti-competitive and efficiency-inducing rationales for vertical bundling, making empirical evidence important to understanding its welfare implications.

Patent Races with Secrecy

Firms do not always patent their innovations. Instead, they often rely on secrecy to appropriate the returns of innovations.

Second Mover Advantage and Entry Timing

We describe a model of entry timing assuming that a second mover can benefit from observing the experience of a first mover.