Issue 2

June 2016

Auction Platform Design and the Linkage Principle

This paper examines an auction platform in which the monopoly platform maximizes profits by adjusting participation fees and choosing an auction format.

How do Switching Costs Affect Market Concentration and Prices in Network Industries?

I investigate the effects of switching costs on the market outcome in network industries using a dynamic duopoly model of price competition in the presence of an outside option.

Interfirm Bundled Discounts as a Collusive Device

This paper investigates whether and how firms competing in price with homogeneous goods (i.e., Bertrand competitors) can achieve supernormal profits using interfirm bundled discounts.

Box-Office Demand: The Importance of Being #1

We propose a theoretical framework to understand the effect on a movie's eventual theatrical success of leading the box office during the opening weekend.

Spillovers in Space: Does Geography Matter?

Using US firm level panel data we simultaneously assess the contributions to productivity of three potential sources of research and development spillovers: geographic, technological, and product mark

Incorporating Prior Information into a GMM Objective for Mixed Logit Demand Systems

It is well known that random parameters specifications can generate upward sloping demands for a subset of products in the data.