Issue 2

June 2015

Market Power in International Commodity Trade: The Case of Coffee

This paper studies the impact of market power on international commodity prices.

Does Energy Consumption Respond to Price Shocks? Evidence from a Regression-Discontinuity Design

We exploit unique features of a recently introduced tariff schedule for natural gas in Buenos Aires to estimate the short-run impact of price shocks on residential energy utilization.

The Relationship between Delegation and Incentives across Occupations: Evidence and Theory

A large literature, both theoretical and empirical, suggests that incentive pay and the delegation of worker authority are positively related.

Prosecution and Leniency Programs: The Role of Bluffing in Opening Investigations

This paper characterizes the optimal investigation and leniency policies when the Competition Authority is privately informed about the strength of a cartel case.

Change at the Checkout: Tracing the Impact of a Process Innovation

Barcode scanners, introduced in the early 1970s, were a foundational process innovation in the grocery supply chain. By 1984 scanners had been installed in 10% of food stores in the U.S.

Health Care Competition and Antibiotic Use in Taiwan

Antibiotic resistance, a negative externality of antibiotic use, is a growing threat to public health.