Issue 2

December 1986

Profitability and Profit-Sharing

Claims that profit-sharing is a purely distributive "wealth confiscation scheme" without incentive effects (due to free-rider problems) are based on neglect of cooperation and interaction in the workf

On the Extent of the Market: Wholesale Gasoline in the Northeastern United States

We develop a methodology to estimate the transaction costs required to arbitrage among a set of products and the probability of observing binding arbitrage.

Market Structure and Pollution Control Under Imperfect Surveillance

Increased market concentration of firms is found to be directly related to pollution control effort, after controlling for firm size, profitability, and pollution potential.

Effects of Pollution Control on Industry Productivity: A Factor Demand Approach

Four major manufacturing industries are examined.

Mill Pricing Versus Spatial Price Discrimination Under Bertrand and Cournot Spatial Competition

This paper asks two questions about spatial competition. First, does spatial price discrimination lead to lower prices and higher welfare than mill pricing?

The Critical Choice Between the Concentration Ratio and the H-Index in Assessing Industry Performance

The paper shows that in addition to the theoretical relevance of choosing between the Hirschman-Herfindahl index and the concentration ratio, both measures may provide empirically very different infor

The Structure of Production, Technical Change and Productivity in a Port

The primary focus of this paper is the modelling and estimation of the structure of production, technical change and total factor productivity (TFP) growth in a port.