Issue 2

June 1998

Inside the Pin-Factory: Empirical Studies Augmented by Manager Interviews

The Control of Technology Alliances: An Empirical Analysis of the Biotechnology Industry

We examine the determinants of control rights in biotechnology alliances through three case studies and a quantitative analysis.

Absorptive Capacity, Coauthoring Behavior, and the Organization of Research in Drug Discovery

We examine the interface between for-profit and publicly funded research in pharmaceuticals.

Evidence from Patents and Patent Citations on the Impact of NASA and Other Federal Labs on Commercial Innovation

Federal lab commercialization is explored: (1) by analyzing US government patents and (2) in a qualitative analysis of one NASA lab’s patents.

Japanese Research Consortia: A Microeconometric Analysis of Industrial Policy

Despite the existence of much theoretical research analyzing the potential benefits and costs of R&D consortia, there has been little corresponding empirical work on their efficacy.

Environmental Regulation, Investment Timing, and Technology Choice

We test whether environmental regulation affects investment decisions, using Census data for individual paper mills.

Computer Use and Productivity Growth in US Federal Government Agencies, 1987–92

We examine the impact of information technology (IT) on productivity in the public sector econometrically, using data from the BLS Federal Productivity Measurement Program and from Computer Intelligen