Issue 1

March 2003

Competition and Long–run Productivity Growth in the UK and US Tobacco Industries, 1879–1939

The UK and US tobacco industries provide a particularly clean place to examine the impact of changes in market structure on firm conduct and productivity in a rapidly innovating industry.

The Effect of Management Buyouts on Firm–level Technical Inefficiency: Evidence from a Panel of UK Machinery and Equipment Manufacturers

The longer–term technical efficiency effects of management buyouts (MBOs) are evaluated using a stochastic production frontier approach on a panel of UK manufacturing firms.

In Which Industries is Collusion More Likely? Evidence from the UK

I examine the factors facilitating or hindering collusion using a comprehensive data set on the incidence of price–fixing across UK manufacturing industries in the 1950s.

An empirical evaluation of the determinants of Research Joint Venture Formation

This paper empirically analyses the determinants of firm participation in Research Joint Ventures (RJVs).

Entry, Exit and Establishment Survival in UK Manufacturing

We study entry, exit and survival of UK manufacturing establishments from 1986 to 1991 using the newly released ARD database. We document patterns of entry and exit across industries and over time.

Lower Bound Estimation – Quantile Regression and Simplex Method: An Application to Italian Manufacturing Sectors

This paper estimates Sutton's lower bound [1991, 1998] by quantile regression, and thus shows the influence of outliers on previous estimates that used the simplex method.