Issue 1

March 2018

Cartel Attributes and Cartel Performance: The Impact of Trade Associations

The Journal of Industrial Economics, Volume 66, Issue 1, Page 1-29, March 2018. <br/>

Is a Big Entrant a Threat to Incumbents? The Role of Demand Substitutability in Competition among the Big and the Small

We establish a model of market competition between large and small firms and investigate the way in which demand substitutability affects how the entry of big firms impacts incumbents.

One-Stop Shopping Behavior, Buyer Power and Upstream Merger Incentives

We analyze how consumer preferences for one-stop shopping affect the (Nash) bargaining relationships between a retailer and its suppliers.

Do Merger Efficiencies Always Mitigate Price Increases?

In a Cournot model with differentiated products, we demonstrate that merger efficiencies in the form of lower marginal costs for the merging firms (the insiders) lead to higher post-merger prices unde

Firm Productivity Differences From Factor Markets

We model firm adaptation to local factor markets in which firms care about both the price and availability of inputs.

Net Neutrality, Network Capacity, and Innovation at the Edges

We study how net neutrality regulations affect a high-bandwidth content provider (CP)'s investment incentives to enhance its quality of services (QoS) in content delivery to end users.

The unequal effect of India’s industrial liberalization on firms’ decision to innovate: Do business conditions matter?

Product-market competition can boost industry growth if firms invest more in innovation.