Issue 1

September 1986

The Evolution of Market Structure when There is a Sequence of Innovations

The paper explores the question of how market structure evolves when there is a sequence of opportunities to innovate.

The Intertemporal Stability of the Concentration-Margins Relationship

~~Using a longitudinal data base, we find that there has been a substantial narrowing of the spread between the price-cost margins of concentrated and unconcentrated industries.

Market Structure and Price-Cost Performance Under Endogenous Profit Risk

This paper examines the theoretical specification of structure-performance hypotheses in a value-maximizing model of oligopoly decision-making under risk.

The Interaction of Foreign Exchange and Market Power Effects on German Domestic Prices

This paper illustrates the importance of international influences on domestic markets.

Regulation and Long-Term Contracting in us Natural Gas Markets

This paper addresses the recent experience of the US natural gas industry with contracting and regulation--the so-called "contracts problem" between producers and pipelines.

Market Performance in an Open Developing Economy: Technical and Allocative Efficiencies of Korean Industries

This paper first examines determinants of technical efficiency in terms of competition and government regulation (including protection) in Korean industries, relying heavily upon the concepts of X-eff

Foreign Investment and Productive Efficiency: The Case of Mexico

This paper examines whether the relative performance of firms within Mexican manufacturing industries varies systematically with the presence of foreign subsidiaries.