Issue 1

September 1990

Economic Effects of Media Concentration: Estimates from a Model of the Newspaper Firm

By specifying and estimating a 5-equation model of newspaper operations, this paper provides evidence useful for addressing several issues concerning media concentration.

Producer Surplus and Subsidization of Pollution Control Device: A Non-Monotonic Relationship

Regulators have been concerned with the impact of environmental regulation on the profitability of regulated firms: there have been numerous grants and subsidy programs to reduce the cost of emission

Railroads and Competition: The Santa Fe/Southern Pacific Merger Proposal

The Merger Guidelines of the US Department of Justice provide the framework for a detailed analysis of the competitive implications of the proposed merger of the Santa Fe and Southern Pacific railroad

Generalising a Pricing Effect

In an extensive field-experiment with fast-moving branded consumer goods, price elasticities were found to be much the same for different products or brands, for prices going up or coming down, at dif

Price Leadership and Discrimination in the European Car Market

This paper explains differences in the price of the same good in different markets.

Collusive Price Leadership

We study the pattern of pricing in which price changes are first announced by one firm and then matched by its rivals.