Issue 1

March 1992

Symposium on Compatibility: Incentives and Market Structure

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Converters, Compatibility, and the Control of Interfaces

Converters, emulators, or adapters can often make one technology partially compatible with another.

Compatibility and Bundling of Complementary Goods in a Duopoly

This paper presents a simple model of compatibility and bundling in industries where consumers assemble several necessary components into a system that is close to their ideal.

Product Introduction with Network Externalities

We study the introduction of a new product in a market with network externalities. There is a common presumption that such markets exhibit excess inertia, i.e.

Network Effects, Software Provision, and Standardization

In this paper we examine the software provision decision of software firms.

Competition and Integration Among Complements, and Network Market Structure

This article analyzes the competition and integration among complementary products that can be combined to create composite goods or systems.