Issue 1

March 1997

Retail Contracting: Theory and Practice

We summarize a number of regularities that arise in the empirical literature on contractual relationships between manufacturers and their exclusive resellers.

Do Other Firms Matter in Oligopolies?

This paper examines how firms interact with their rivals.

Cheap Talk and Investment Rivalry in the Pulp and Paper Industry

Determinants of the abandonment of previously announced capacity expansions are analyzed in eleven industries within the North American pulp and paper sector.

Tight Average Revenue Regulation Can Be Worse Than No Regulation

Price regulation of a multi-market monopolist, with the cap based on average revenue, can cause welfare to be below the unregulated level.

On the Consistency of Merger Policy

This paper presents a way to get around the information problem facing outside analysts who want to scrutinize competition authorities' decisions.

Minimum Quality Standards and Collusion

We model the introduction of a minimum quality standard in a vertically differentiated duopoly.