Issue 1

March 2000

Price Competition and Market Structure: The Impact of Cartel Policy on Concentration in the UK

This paper examines the impact of firms’ conduct on market structure.

Demand, Information, and Competition: Why Do Food Prices Fall at Seasonal Demand Peaks?

Prices for seasonal food products fall at demand peaks. Price declines are not driven by falling agricultural input prices; indeed, farm to retail margins narrow sharply.

R&D Intensity and Acquisitions in High-Technology Industries: Evidence from the US Electronic and Electrical Equipment Industries

Theory suggests R&D intensity and acquisition activity may be either directly or inversely related.

Technology Adoption and the Emergence of Regional Asymmetries

The model explains the emergence of asymmetric productive structures among regions based on adoption of a quality improving technology.

The Structure of Licensing Contracts

Industrial organization theory has explored several issues related to licensing, but empirical analyses are extremely rare.