Issue 1

March 2001

An Econometric Analysis of Telecom Competition, Privatization, and Regulation in Africa and Latin America

This paper explores the effects of privatization, competition, and regulation on telecommunications performance in 30 African and Latin American countries from 1984 through 1997.

Does Entry Size Matter? The Impact of the Life Cycle and Technology on Firm Survival

A wave of empirical studies has recently emerged showing that smaller-scale entry is confronted with a lower likelihood of survival than their larger counterparts.

Why Do Suppliers Charge Larger Buyers Lower Prices?

The phenomenon of input suppliers charging larger buyer firms, relative to smaller buyer firms, lower prices is commonly explained in terms of supplier economies of scale, supplier competition for lar

The Competitive Effects of Not-for-Profit Hospital Mergers: A Case Study

Applying conventional horizontal merger enforcement rules to nonprofit hospitals is controversial.

On the Desirability of Compatibility with Product Selection

The paper analyses a three-stage game where two integrated system suppliers first decide whether to provide compatible system components, then choose the product specifications of their two offered co

Evidence of Qualitative Learning-by-Doing from the Advent of the ‘Talkie’

Empirical work on learning-by-doing has largely been limited to examinations of production costs.



David Paton and Niel Conant

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