Issue 4

December 2014

Estimation of Search Frictions in the British Electricity Market

This paper studies consumer search and pricing behavior in the British domestic electricity market following its opening to competition in 1999.

Measuring Welfare from Ambulatory Surgery Centers: A Spatial Analsis of Demand for Healthcare Facilities

This paper studies competition between healthcare facilities, particularly between hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs), in the market for outpatient surgery.

Strategic Obfuscation and Consumer Protection Policy

This paper studies obfuscation decisions by firms. We show that more prominent firms are more likely to obfuscate.

Finite Optimal Penalties for False Advertising

I consider a setting in which firms have unverifiable private information about their type, which corresponds to their probable product quality; firms can expend a learning cost in order to observe th

Imperfect Patent Protection and Innovation

The paper studies the effect of strengthening protection on R&D incentives in the context of process innovation.

Indirect Taxation in Vertical Oligopoly

This paper analyzes the effects of specific and ad valorem taxation in an industry with downstream and upstream oligopoly and endogenous entry in both layers.

Bilateral Bargaining with Externalities

This paper provides an analysis of a non-cooperative pairwise bargaining game between agents in a network.