Issue 4

December 1997

X-Inefficiency, Competition and Market Information

Whether competition forces firms toward efficient behaviour is an open question. We consider a duopoly with firms run by managers and affected by adverse selection on costs.

Measuring Market Power and Cost-efficiency Effects of Industrial Concentration

In this paper I show how Appelbaum's framework for testing price-taking behavior in a single industry can be formally extended to consider concentration explicitly.

Economic Reforms and Productive Capacity Realisation in Bangladesh: an Empirical Analysis

Using firm level data from the Bangladesh food manufacturing sector, this paper examines the impact of economic reform on productive capacity realisation in the eighties.

Competition Among Middlemen When Buyers and Sellers Can Trade Directly

This paper examines competition among middlemen when sellers and buyers can trade directly.

Government-Assisted Oligopoly Coordination? A Concrete Case

In 1993 the Danish antitrust authority decided to gather and publish firm-specific transactions prices for two grades of ready-mixed concrete in three regions of Denmark.

Downstream Vertical Foreclosure and Upstream Innovation

I examine a link between downstream foreclosure and upstream innovation.