Issue 3

September 1997

Sequential Auctions of Interdependent Objects: Israeli Cable Television Licenses

In Israel, area cable television (CATV) licenses were auctioned sequentially.

Looking at the Cost Side of “Monopoly”

Welfare loss under oligopoly is defined as that part of consumer surplus which is lost and not regained by higher profits.

The Restructuring and Privatisation of Britain's CEGB—Was It Worth It?

We report a social cost-benefit analysis of the privatisation and restructuring of the Central Electricity Generating Board which generated and transmitted all public electricity in England and Wales

The Differentiation Triangle

The paper formalizes the observation that submarkets for high-quality and low-quality variants are markedly different from each other.

The Competitive Effects of Price-Floors

Using Hotelling's model of locational competition, we show that a moderate price-floor destroys the maximal differentiation equilibrium, resulting in minimum differentiation.

Utilization of R&D Results in the Home and Foreign Plants of Multinationals

This paper analyzes the utilization of R&D results in the home and foreign plants of Swedish multinational enterprises (MNEs).