Issue 2

December 1985

What is Product Differentiation, Really?

Empirical research on industrial organization has failed to identify the empirical bases of product differentiation (that is, each seller facing an individual downward-sloping demand curve).

Discriminating Oligopolists and Common Markets

We analyse the properties of a Cournot-Nash equilibrium which arises when two monopolies, operating each in a separate market, become a duopoly in a common market with two sub-markets (the formerly se

Product Differentiation and Price Discrimination in the European Community: The Case of Automobiles

The paper is concerned with the determinants of prices of European and Japanese cars in five EEC countries.

Reverse Dumping: A Form of Spatial Price Discrimination

This paper generalizes Joan Robinson's analysis of dumping under a spatial price theory framework.

Strategic Groups and the Demand for Beer

Caves and Porter [1977] developed a theory of strategic groups to explain why national and regional producers behave differently in most consumer-goods industries.

Effects of Australian International Air Transport Regulation

International civil aviation is subject to regulation by governments. A model of civil aviation demand and supply in competitive markets is presented.

How Rapidly Does New Industrial Technology Leak Out?

There have been no systematic empirical studies of the speed at which various kinds of technological information leak out to rival firms.