Issue 1

April 2017

Economic Efficiency and Political Capture in Public Service Contracts

We consider contracts for public transport services between a public authority and a transport operator.

Payment Card Interchange Fees and Price Discrimination

We consider the implications of platform price discrimination in the context of card platforms.

Market Structure and Broadband Internet Quality

This paper investigates the effects of the number of firms and their product-type on broadband Internet quality.

The Benefits of Diverse Preferences in Library Consortia

We study the case in which a library consortium increases the aggregate payoff of the member libraries.

Switching Costs in Two-Sided Markets

In many markets, there are switching costs and network effects. Yet the literature generally deals with them separately.

Consumer Search in Retail Gasoline Markets

This paper develops direct tests for search behavior in retail gasoline markets.

Welfare Changes in the Cournot Setting with an Empirical Application to the Telecommunications Industry

I characterize the efficiency of the Cournot equilibrium and provide bounds for the loss in consumer surplus, producer surplus and welfare when the number of firms in the market changes.


Profit Raising Entry

Arijit Mukherjee, Laixun Zhao

Common wisdom suggests that entry reduces profits of incumbent firms.

Patent Protection and R&D with Endogenous Market Structure

Arijit Mukherjee

In a model with endogenous number of innovating firms, we show that whether patent protection increases R&D investment is ambiguous, and depends on the market demand function and the cost of R&amp