Issue 1

March 2016

Dynamic Product Diversity

This paper examines the frequency of new product introductions in monopoly markets where demand is subject to temporary satiation.

Early Settlement in European Merger Control

We analyse the determinants of early settlement between merging parties and the European Commission over remedies that remove concerns of anticompetitive effects.

Competitive Nonlinear Pricing and Contract Variety

We analyze markets with both horizontally and vertically differentiated products under both monopoly and duopoly.

The Economics of Retailing Formats: Competition Versus Bargaining

We set up a merger game between retailing stores to study the incentives of independent stores to form a big store when some consumers have preferences for one-stop shopping.

Competition, Prices and Quality in the Market for Physician Consultations

Prices for consultations with General Practitioners (GP's) in Australia are unregulated, and patients pay the difference between the price set by the GP and a fixed reimbursement from the nationa

Ex post Merger Evaluation in the U.K. Retail Market for Books

This paper evaluates the price effects of the merger of two major U.K. book retailers.